Tota skincare combines the best in natural botanicals with cutting edge technologies for skincare solutions!

Now on Jewellery, THE Cutest Pimple Patches, Snacks, And Skincare Solutions For All

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What’s new on Poptron? Check out these hot new drops – from jewellery to skincare, snacks, and THE cutest pimple patches!

Check out the hottest new drops on! From skincare solutions to take you through the hottest Malaysian days, to the cutest pimple patches to help with acne, these brands are here to Pop It Up! and Hypoallergenic Jewellery is the brainchild of Kota Kinabalu native Doris – a jewellery lover with big dreams. Her catalogue boasts tarnish-safe and hypoallergenic jewellery options we love in every way! As someone who suffered from sensitive skin, Doris wanted to provide hypoallergenic jewellery to others like her, and thus came to be!

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Dododots’ Pimple Patches of POWER

Got a pimple? No problem! Dododots’ award winning pimple patches are made with 100% hydrocolloid material. What’s that? Why – it’s a clinical-grade material used for dressing wounds. Doctors use it on post-surgery patients. That means these pimple patches do as they say and suck your zits dry! That’s not even the best part – these amazing pimple patches are absolutely adorable and great for dressing up your ‘fits!

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myNutchos, your Nutchos, OUR nutchos!

In need of a snack that says Malaysia and Netflix n’ Chilli all in one go? Get your hands on these amazing nut snacks from myNutchos! We absolutely love the bomb curry flavouring that coats every delicious morsel in these Go Lite packs – and we know you will, too. Want to really shake things up? Toss them over your nasi lemak and watch the flavours explode!

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House of Penjelajah Explores Premium Sleepwear

Indulge in the best sleep you could possibly have with House of Penjelajah’s 100% organic cotton premium pyjamas! Rich with Southeast Asian heritage and imbued with European influences, these sustainable garments will keep you cool on the warmest of nights, and leave you happy, comfortable, and oh-so- snuggly.

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Tota Skincare For Total Solutions

Tota is helmed by a team of medical and aesthetic doctors, as well as nutritionists who have joined forces in managing the negative effects of modern-day urban living! The brand’s skincare range is specially crafted to address skincare conditions that are caused by a lack of sleep, pollution, and hectic work schedules. Extensive research and testing has resulted in a proven and ethically produced line of products that are certified free from harmful chemicals – parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. Each precious drop of Tota product boasts the power of botanical extracts and protein-building polypeptides that naturally nourishes and repairs the skin. Even better: The brand is deeply committed to sustainability, which means their packaging is eco-friendly and their production practices green!

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