On The Hunt For Baju Raya: 2023 Trends And More!

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What's in fashion for baju raya in 2023?
What’s in fashion for baju raya in 2023?

Finding the perfect baju raya can be a daunting task, especially when you want to impress your family and friends. What are the trends for baju raya this 2023? Will you be able to wear your baju raya once raya has passed? What will your OOTDs look like? Consider these elements when embarking on your shopping trip! Here’s little secret, though: it doesn’t really matter so long as you feel great both inside and out.

That aside, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide. Use it as a frame of reference for what’s in trend for baju raya this year! Let’s go!

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Picking The Perfect Baju Raya To Impress

Whether you’re simply shopping for baju raya or something that’ll remain evergreen, it’s important to take several things into account. Most importantly: what kind of raya celebrations will you be partaking in? Will you be out and about all day visiting family and friends? What kind of weather are you expecting during the holiday season?

We’ll start with the obvious – you’ll want to be comfortable no matter the occasion. You’ll be catching up with your loved ones, and it’s difficult to enjoy the celebrations when you’re uncomfortable. When shopping, it helps to have a list of criteria; uncompromisable bullet points for finding the perfect raya outfit.

Get started:

  • Fit – How do you want your outfit to fit? Are you rocking an oversized look, or are you wanting something more sleek and fitted? If you find something that’s a little too loose or tight, it may be beneficial to visit a tailor! A tailor will be able to alter your garment so that it fits just right.
  • Style – Your fashion choices are a way to make a statement to the world, so your clothing should reflect your personality and style. What kind of personality are you hoping to present to the world at large? A few quirky selections or colours that add to your personal charm are a great idea to go. You can even accessorise to showcase your hobbies and likes!
  • Shape – All bodies are beautiful, and they deserve to be adorned in clothes that fit and sit the right way! Different fabrics and cuts can help to accentuate your features the way you want; similarly, some cuts and styles may not work with certain body types. The only way to figure this out is to do some research, and to try on different things until you find a fit you absolutely adore! Another way to do this is to look at your current wardrobe. What’s your favourite outfit, currently? Emulate it with your new garments for raya season!
  • Colour and patterns – Like bodies, skin also comes in a variety of wonderful colours and tones. Pick colours that pop against your skintone! Avoid clothing that melts into your skin and you’re good to go! Likewise with patterns: florals, paisley, chevron, and graphic shapes are all in style, and can be used alongside colour to create a cohesive, attractive style!

Baju Raya 2023: Top Colours Straight From The Fashion Runways!

We get it. With what seems like a million and one options floating around the internet, you’re spoiled for choice and unsure of what to pick. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you; below are some of the colours that have shown on the high fashion runways in recent times, which means they’re chic, in trend, and absolutely perfect for you!

  • Digital Lavender follows up on Barbiecore Pink’s maximalist nature as the darling of haute couture, providing some much-needed tranquility to today’s runway fashion styles. This gentle hazy shade makes us think of Taylor Swift’s Midnights hit, Lavender Haze – and we’re loving every dreamy moment of it!
  • Green has always been a mainstay of raya season, but we’re excited to see different shades of it rocking the runway this season! Lime green and verdigris are both in vogue, with huge potential for fashion and accessories alike.
  • A bold selection for the bold at heart, luscious red provides vibrance and excitement to any raya outfit! If you think of yourself as the life of the party, and are an exuberant force of nature, this shade is definitely for you. Just be prepared to serve looks – and to receive them in return!
  • Powder blue and cobalt blue has also made waves on the runways this season, and we love to see it. With one shade electrifying any basic outfit, and the other providing a soothing, relaxing aesthetic (perfect if you’re into cottage core), there’s a blue to suit any taste!
  • While strictly not colours, black and white form the backbone of monochromatic looks. Paired off and contrasted against one another, they make a striking combination, and is certain to make any OOTD absolutely POP.

Dressing Up Your Raya OOTD WIth Accessories

While the bare bones of your baju raya are of utmost importance, we have it on good authority that accessories can also make or break it. If you’re one to use your clothes as a blank canvas, it may be worth looking into statement accessories to up the ante. From quirky style boosters to shimmering gemstones and golden bling, there’s definitely something to add to your look!

  • Wear chunky bangles that play on texture to give your outfit a futuristic look. Alternatively, if your clothes are made of plain fabric, dress it up with a woven bangle to provide a hint of colour!
  • Statement earrings are a great way to elevate your look! Depending on how busy the fabric of your outfit is, you may opt for something simpler, or go big instead.
  • Gemstones are all the rage these days and we absolutely understand why! If you would like, you can set intentions so the vibrations of the gemstone in question can help you to manifest your goals. Otherwise, simply pick a gemstone that works with your outfit, colour-wise!

The Final Word

No matter your baju raya picks for 2023, we think the best thing you can wear is your personality – and we hope you let yours shine! Trends may come and go, but a sense of style is forever. We’re excited to see where your outfit experiments take you! Don’t forget to tag us at poptron.co on social media and show us just how amazing your OOTDs are!

What’s your favourite colour in season for baju raya 2023? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels for more fun content, tips, and stories on your favourite local brands!

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