Mawar founded HOOR with her partner to provide evergreen modest fashion options that stand the test of trends and time!

Empowering Women With Modest Fashion: The Hoor Story

Modest fashion made to last.

On the hunt for a modest fashion brand that will serve you across multiple occasions and events? Enter HOOR: a modest fashion brand carrying beautiful designs crafted of elegant fabrics, made to withstand the test of time.

We speak to Mawar, founder of HOOR, and get to know a little bit about the brand as well as what makes it tick! Read on to hear her unique perspectives on modest fashion, fast fashion, and where her brand stands in all of this! Don’t miss out on her tips for styling her modest fashion silhouettes too!

Tell me about yourself and your modest fashion brand! How did HOOR come about?

My name is Mawar, and I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve been passionate about business since my younger days, and have always dreamt of having something of my own. HOOR was conceptualised by my partner; she loves beautiful clothes, materials, and designs, and is passionate about modest fashion. We understand that fashion is fast-moving, but we want to deliver evergreen products to our HOOR-ies. We want our products to be useful not just for specific events and functions – we want them to be functional, and for them to be styled in many different ways.

What does the name HOOR stand for? Tell us a bit about that!

The word HOOR is derived from an Arabic word that carries the meaning: Women of Paradise. How does a Woman of Paradise carry herself out in society? In one word, she is modest – in her talk, her walk, and how she styles herself. HOOR provides an alternative look for modern women who want to embrace religion with modesty whilst shining the spotlight on their individuality in style and dress.

Mawar shares that she wants HOOR-ies to me comfortable in their modest fashion pieces.
Mawar shares that she wants HOOR-ies to me comfortable in their modest fashion pieces.

What are some questions you ask yourself when picking styles and designs for HOOR’s modest fashion collection?

We ask ourselves questions related to the material and design of our products. This is because we want our HOOR-ies to be comfortable in their clothes. Functional design is one of the most important elements in HOOR products. Most of our designs incorporate side pockets for functionality. Style-wise, we also incorporate shaping effects into the design of our HOOR clothing lines, so our customers can take advantage of styles that suit them best.

Where do you get your inspiration for HOOR’s products?

We find inspiration by observing how people dress to work and for leisure. We also simply listen to our HOOR-ies. Often, we listen to what our followers like and dislike about our clothing lines. We’ve discovered that customers prefer A-cut designs, earth tones, and fresh colours. We think that we can better deliver what HOOR-ies are looking for when we listen to them!

Many big brands have started to inject sustainability into their production chain. Some brands have even included nano-technology materials into their products to address the issue of sustainability. I believe we all want to look good, and being in trend is one way to build our confidence, which then translates to better communication skills and delivery of work. Personally, I think those with extra clothes at home could benefit from the Konmari method: giving away clothes that do not spark joy to their friends and family so others can benefit from them instead.

HOOR’s goal is to deliver simple fashion, with elements of unique style. It’s important to us that our HOOR-ies feel comfortable in what they wear, as comfort is the best look. With evergreen design styles, less is needed to create a style that is aesthetically pleasing, which means items stay in use much longer. This can help in the fight against fast fashion and consequently, fast fashion waste.

What’s the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your modest fashion designs?

I love listening to customers. When I am at the boutique or a pop-up store, I talk a lot with HOOR-ies to understand what they like and don’t like about our designs. I always hear them saying “I have been looking for this type of product, and I’ve finally found this brand!”

We don’t just have Malaysian customers; we also have Singaporean, Brunei, and Middle East customers. Many HOOR-ies have told us how much their love seeing our passion for our business. We personalise our communications and strive to deliver the best customer service. Sometimes, we hear HOOR-ies saying “I bought some things from your pop-up booth. I love your designs!”

HOOR's modest fashion pieces are made to endure, and can be worn across occasions and events!
HOOR’s modest fashion pieces are made to endure, and can be worn across occasions and events!

Give us some tips for styling a simple, stylish, and timeless silhouette? (You can share, for example, some tips for styling your shirt dress!)

We deliver fashion styles that our customers can use for multiple occasions. For example, our best-selling Shirted Abaya can be styled as one set with pants, or with jeans. It can be worn as outerwear, or even styled with a belt. Most of our designs are Umrah and Wudhu’ friendly, making it easier for Muslim women to find pieces they can incorporate into their wardrobes. 

Our latest collection of Raya Kurung Pahang is designed to be longer than usual to give it an A-shape look, enhancing a slimming effect. The set is styled with a pareo. The pareo can be styled either tucked-in in deference to the latest trends, or worn tucked-out in an evergreen style. Don’t worry if you want to keep your kurung in use after Raya! This set can be worn with your own bottoms, from skirts to jeans to leggings. You can even add a belt to make it a dress. After Raya, worry not – it can be worn with your own skirt/jeans/legging and also with a belt to make it a dress. We want HOOR designs to stay in season with you at all times, and not just during specific occasions.

Do you believe in capsule wardrobes? How do you think HOOR’s products will fit into a capsule wardrobe?

Yes, it’s a lovely concept. One dress can be worn for multiple events and occasions! This saves space, money, and effort spent on thinking up what to wear. HOOR delivers functional and practical fashion, so you can wear our pieces in many different ways to suit your individual style!

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