The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Purses: Essentials For The Modern Woman

Essentials To Carry.
Every woman's purse has its essentials. What's in yours?
Every woman’s purse has its essentials. What’s in yours?

Women’s purses are magical realms indeed! From wallets and lipsticks to face mist and emergency period care, you never know what essentials you might need when you’re on the go. Here’s the ultimate checklist to keep your purse stocked and ready!

You never really know what you find when looking into women’s purses. Each is stocked in a magical way, unique to its owner. One thing’s for sure: you can never go wrong with certain essentials!


Women the world over have been kicking butt and taking names since time immemorial! And when you’re out on the go forging an inimitable path in the world, you need a little magic bag of tricks. Hermione may have done it best with her magically-enchanted purse, but we mere muggles needn’t lose hope. Here’s OUR magic checklist for essentials you’ll need to live the magical, wonderful life you deserve!

The Importance Of A Woman’s Purse

Clothing, accessories, make-up, and a great hairdo are all important elements for putting together an outfit. However, a woman’s purse is the final touch! Beyond providing an added level of class and style, they also serve incredibly functional purposes: they keep all our essential items organised and easily accessible.

Essential Items for Women’s Purses

  1. A wallet to store your cash, cards, and other essentials.
  2. Your phone, safely cocooned in a fun and protective case.
  3. Keys on a ring for easy access and safekeeping.
  4. Hand sanitiser to stay safe from bacteria and virulent diseases.
  5. Tissues or napkins to help with unexpected accidents.
  6. Lip balm to keep your lips moisturised and plump while on the go.
  7. A mirror if you’ll be out all day and need to touch up your make-up.
  8. A pen and a notepad if you prefer to take down your notes and observations the old-fashioned way.
  9. Tampons or pads – because life happens, and it’s always good to be prepared.
  10. Sunglasses so you can protect your eyes and accentuate your style!
  11. Any essential medications you may need throughout the day.
  12. Make-up so you can add a pop of colour, or touch up your makeup throughout the day. Also essential for taking a day look into the night!
  13. A hairbrush or a comb if you need some help taming your locks on-the-go.
  14. Face mist so you can stay fresh throughout the day!
  15. Handcream or lotion that you can apply and re-apply as needed!
  16. Snacks for when you need a little pick-me-up.
  17. A reusable fabric face mask to keep you safe!
  18. A charger so you can keep yourself in full power all day long.
  19. A scrunchie to keep your hair off your face when needed!
  20. A deodorant to keep all unpleasant funks away!

Tips for Choosing the Right Purse

In search of the perfect purse for all your womanly needs? Here are some things to remember when choosing the right one!

  • Consider your daily needs! Are you always on the go, or are you the kind to park yourself in a spot to work for the day? If you identify as the former, you may benefit from a smaller purse that can fit the bare essentials. If the latter, a larger woman’s purse may be the better option for you!
  • Choose quality over a lower price point. A purse that is well-made and crafted of high-quality materials will always stand the test of time and last longer.
  • What’s your personal style? If you pick a purse that’s functional, but isn’t your style, you run the risk of not using it at all. Don’t settle; go for something you know you love, and that you’ll use!

In Conclusion…

A woman’s purse is more than just an essential – it’s a magical space in which all her essentials live! Fill yours with all the essential items you need to get through the day. Whether you’re a working professional or a stay-at-home mom, your purse should be ready to take you through any situation. Carry your purse with pride, and go conquer the world!

What are YOUR personal purse essentials? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels for more fun content, tips, and stories on your favourite local brands!

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