Celebrating World Hijab Day In Style: Tudung Bawal And More!

Celebrating cultural diversity.
This World Hijab Day, we're celebrating modest wear and women's choice to wear, or not to wear!
An abundance of styles for World Hijab Day.

Declared in 2013 by Nazma Khan, a Muslim woman living in New York City, World Hijab Day honours women who wear hijabs. Locally, the hijab (and tudung bawal!) is a common sight, thanks in large part to our harmonious multi-racial society. However, this day of observation is an important occasion to recognise the difficulties faced by our fellow hijab-donning women in other parts of the world. Along with other modest fashion essentials, the hijab allows for diversity, individualisation, and the harmonious celebration of our cultural and religious differences.

The official installation of World Hijab Day ultimately opens doors for meaningful conversations to happen within our increasingly expansive society. Acknowledging and celebrating cultural differences is key to mutual respect! We’re starting by looking at different types, styles, and draping of hijab, including the popular tudung bawal. Let’s go!

Exploring The Hijab

The hijab is a head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women. This World Hijab Day, we’re shedding light on the importance of recognising and respecting the rights of Muslim women. This extends to both ends of the spectrum: we celebrate women who choose to wear the hijab, and challenge the negative stereotypes associated with it. The one message that rings true? The choice to wear, or not to wear is a deeply personal choice.

The hijab has evolved over time and its significance varies among different societies, cultures, and countries. While some cultures consider it a symbol of piety and devotion, others view it as a form of oppression. Regardless, the hijab is a personal choice for Muslim women and we think it should be respected as such!

What’s A Tudung Bawal? (We’ll Tell You)

There are many different types of hijabs, each imbued with unique characteristics. Some of the more popular styles of hijabs in Malaysia include the Tudung Bawal, Shayla, Al-Amira, and Khimar.

  • The Bawal is a square-shaped hijab that is popular in Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago. These squares come in different sizes so women can choose the length at which it falls once draped. It is worn around the head and tied behind the neck.
  • The Shayla is a long rectangular scarf that is worn wrapped around the head and tucked under the chin.
  • The Al-Amira style consists of two garment pieces. It combines a fitted cap that goes over the head and a looser scarf that goes over it.
  • The Khimar is a long, loose-fitting, cape-like hijab that covers the entire head and upper body.

In addition to the different types of hijabs, there are also numerous ways to drape them. Many hijab-donning fashionistas have cleverly incorporated their head coverings into contemporary modest fashion styles, leading to an abundance of draping, pinning, and tying tutorials online. Whatever the case, let creativity be your guide when draping your hijab, and let your personal style shine through!

Modest Wear Picks We Love

The main hallmarks of muslimah fashion are modesty and elegance. Muslimah wear comes in many forms and styles including dresses, skirts, blouses, headscarves – yes, including Malaysia’s favourite tudung bawal. These fashion picks span many different styles and trends, from traditional and conservative to modern and fashionable! What this means is that the modern modest woman of today is afforded numerous styles with which to express themselves and their individuality, and we’re absolutely here for that!

In Conclusion

World Hijab Day is an opportunity to celebrate and understand the hijab and its significance to Muslim women. The hijab comes in many different types, styles, and ways of draping, including the popular tudung bawal. And while Malaysians are blessed with a multi-racial society that respects personal choices, hijab or no, it’s important to cultivate a sense of understanding and respect. The ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive and equitable society – one we’re excited to see thriving amongst microbrands in Malaysia!

Who’s your favourite modest-wear fashion influencer? What are your favourite go-to hijab and modest wear brands? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels for more fun content, tips, and stories on your favourite local brands!

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