Indulge in rituals to soothe and calm in the chaos of mercury in retrograde.

A Self-Care Survival Guide for Mercury in Retrograde

Keep calm and buy crystals.

It’s Mercury in Retrograde season, and that means it’s time to pull out all the self-care stops, take time to reflect and think, learn, grow, communicate – and arm yourselves with gemstones.

Listen; we get it. In an increasingly cynical and modern society bolstered by science, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to consider the shifting of the planets and how they can affect the daily dealings of our lives. Still, even if you don’t believe in cosmic influences, it can’t hurt to abide by some good ol’ common sense, right? After all, when mercury is in retrograde, all bets are off!

Ultimately, self-care, mindfulness, and self-reflection are all good things to focus on for emotional and mental health. So let’s strap in, steep the tea, and settle in for the long ride ahead!

What Exactly Does Mercury In Retrograde Mean?

Simply put, the phrase Mercury in retrograde is taken to mean that the planet is moving backward in its orbit. Science tells us that this is merely an optical illusion. While Mercury appears to move backward in our Earthen skies, it is actually the fastest planet within our Solar System to circle the sun, completing an orbit every 88 days.

Because Mercury is said to rule Communication (and in our modern age: Technology and Information Exchange Systems), one can reasonably expect things to get thrown out of whack when it is in retrograde. The general consensus is that Things Just Happen in these times; communication breakdowns, miscommunications, technological bugs and downtime, and issues with general human interactions. All this and more results in odd, stagnant energy – and that can be frustrating.

Thankfully, all of this can be mitigated with ease! Taking the time to prepare and centre your mind is a great way to navigate the murky waters of Mercury in retrograde – and we’ll tell you how!

When Is Mercury In Retrograde?

The long and short answer to it is: Right now. While Mercury does, in fact, go retrograde many times in the year, the current cycle spans between December 29th to January 18th, which means we’re almost out of it! Stay strong!

Feithe's gold-filled Mabel Communication Bracelet combines the communication prowess of aquamarine and the wisdom-enhancing properties of amethyst. A great helper for retrograde season!
Feithe’s gold-filled Mabel Communication Bracelet combines the communication prowess of aquamarine and the wisdom-enhancing properties of amethyst. A great helper for retrograde season!

Fashion tip: Feithe’s Mabel series bracelets incorporate gemstones that vibrate with energies that can help you through miscommunication and breakdowns! We love it with any modern outfit, as a daily reminder to breathe and think, and as a general aesthetically-pleasing piece.

Okay. So What Do I Do?

Stay calm! In these times of (potential) chaos, take some time to focus on yourself. If your tech breaks down, take a walk (and a deep breath). Brew yourself a cup of tea and indulge yourself in a few moments’ silence to regroup and think. Remember that every obstacle has a solution and that situations improve with time and effort.

Minimise the risk of communication breakdowns by putting your to-do list down on paper at the start of every day. Planning your schedule in advance will help to cut down on the chaos when it comes. At the very least, organising your day will make a difficult day smoother – and at its best, it’ll make a great day even greater!

Double and triple-check your work to weed out typos. Install that spell check you’ve been considering for months on end. Take a break and recognise that a well-rested mind is key to producing quality work. Proofread your messages and make it a habit to think before you speak. While the occasional Freudian slip is unavoidable in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a great habit to get into, so as to avoid ruining relationships in the long run.

What’s This About Gemstones?

If you’re into that sort of thing – wear crystals and other natural semi-precious stones to fill your day with good vibes to ward off the chaos! Aquamarine is said to provide emotional and intellectual stability while enhancing a connection with your higher self. Rose Quartz, as the crystal of love, will help to open up your heart – whether to self-love, romantic love, or familial love.

The moonstone enhances growth and strength while boosting emotional stability, calmness, inspiration, and intuition. Onyx, meanwhile, stands for strength, steadfastness, and self-confidence, all the while enhancing wise decision-making – surely something we could all use in these times. Don’t forget to incorporate some Flourite, too – this gemstone is said to neutralise negative energy and stress while enhancing concentration, self-confidence, positivity, balance, and coordination.

All that aside, however – it also can’t hurt to put on something pretty!

Arm yourself with these tips and take care of yourself during this retrograde cycle! Stay safe, friends!

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