Need Some Holiday Gift Ideas? New Drops Await on!

Need a little inspiration for holiday gift ideas?
Home fragrance essential oil dropper blends from AZPA are great if you're in need of holiday gift ideas
The perfect holiday gift ideas come from the heart, and these fragrances from AZPA will bring back core memories from days long past.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration this Christmas season, these amazing new brands on will provide all the holiday gift ideas you need!

Missing Some Holiday Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You, Bestie.

The holiday season is officially in town, and the time to celebrate is upon us! With Christmas comes the inevitability of exchanging gifts. You don’t want to be left out or caught off guard when your friends and family ask you what you want. Well, worry not! You’re in luck. Consider this your official go-to guide for holiday gifting this year. This curated list of holiday gift ideas features some fresh brands newly introduced to! Check them out and make sure you grab yourself (or a loved one) one of these gifts for Christmas!

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We’ve all got a memory that’s locked in our minds, and AZPA is here to help you unlock yours.

AZPA specialises in creating bespoke quality home fragrances that trigger the olfactory senses. The goal? To unleash the memory of a time, place, or person, ready to be explored once again. Once a Doctor of Medicine, founder Asteen’s life is filled with numerous exciting adventures. “I transitioned into the aviation industry overseas,” She tells us of life after medicine. “And in the meantime, started a bubble tea franchise as well in 2018. Later on, I decided to fully concentrate on entrepreneurship and started AZPA when I returned to Malaysia in 2021.”

At a loss for gift ideas? AZPA's essential oil blends provide a beautiful and decorative way to show your giftees a whole new gifting world.
AZPA’s aroma diffuser with fragrance oil is as aesthetically-pleasing as it is a pleasant olfactory experience.

AZPA was founded to create an elegant luxurious experience accessible to people from all walks of life. Because Asteen believes that everyone deserves to feel special once in a while, she does her best to personalise all orders. Ultimately, she wants to show customers the joy of bespoke products that aren’t blindly mass-produced.



HOOR is a brand dedicated to making your clothes do more for you. It’s not enough to look good – the folks behind HOOR want their customers to feel good too.

Gift ideas don't necessarily need to end at accessories; clothing will also work if you know the aesthetics of the person you're shopping for! This oversized shirt dress in beige from HOOR is a great gift idea for someone who loves dressing stylish and simple.
Oversized shirtdress in beige
Gift ideas don't necessarily need to end at accessories; clothing will also work if you know the aesthetics of the person you're shopping for! This oversized shirt dress in caramel from HOOR is a great gift idea for someone who loves dressing stylish and simple.
Oversized shirt dress in caramel

The fashion industry is rife with brands that chase trends, pandering to the needs of fast fashion which is harmful to the environment and our world at large. HOOR takes a different approach: the locally-founded brand delivers stylish, simple, and functional daily fashion essentials. For their evergreen designs, HOOR uses high-quality fabrics that prioritise comfort. The brand’s transformative pieces take you from day to night; just a few simple accessory switch-ups and you’ll have several outfits for the price of one. In the long run, incorporating HOOR into your wardrobe can help to combat harmful consumerism habits!


Tiffins Made With Luv

We are so excited to share these gorgeous handmade decoupage tiffins from Tiffins Made With Luv!

Scratching your head for holiday gift ideas? These beautiful tiffins are the perfect option for your lunch-making friends and family, or for yourself if you’re really into meal prep. Each stainless steel tiffin comes with two tiers, which means you can pack several dishes in one go. They’re also incredibly durable and easy to clean. Additionally, every tiffin comes with a cute little handle for easy transportation – so your kids can also bring them to school!

What makes these tiffins really special is the fact that they’re designed with local florals in a variety of colors, adding a cheerful and happy touch to any lunchtime meal. We bet food tastes better served from these!

Shop Tiffins Made WIth Luv

The Pal Studio

Founded by crafter and owner Batrisya, Candle Coven (Now The Pal Studio) started out as a candle-making business dedicated to quality and fragrance. Although a dedicated crafter who wanted to create high-quality, environmentally-friend candles, Batrisya’s journey with Candle Coven came to an end when she needed to sell her company.

Enter Michelle and Sarah, who have since taken over the business in their bid at carrying on Batrisya’s vision. The duo now creates beautiful candles that smell like – excuse the hyperbole – absolute heaven.

The Pal Studio's candles light up a room - and anyone's hearts. This Harvest Moon candle is a great gift idea for Christmas gifting!
These candles fill a room with fragrance within minutes of being lit! For a limited time, get a bundle of two candles (one 100g and one 220g) at RM125 only!

The Pal Studio’s coconut soy candles fill your space with their heavenly perfume within minutes of being lit! Each candle contains a wooden wick that emits a soft crackling sound, transporting you directly to a magical winter wonderland. In times like these, it’s impossible to imagine anyone wanting to pay less for a product of lower quality.

Shop The Pal Studio

Dzee’s Jewels

If you’ve ever wanted to commission a custom pendant, book chain, or even a pair of earrings, look no further than Dzee’s Jewels. The brand was founded by bonafide crafter Pik Dzee, and offers commissioned jewellery (and other accessory) pieces that incorporate wirework and intricate beading. These gorgeous hand-crafted pieces are both functional and beautiful, and are sure to bewitch and bedazzle you at first sight!

From earrings to necklaces to bracelets and other lifestyle accessories, Dzee’s Jewels has got you covered for all of your dreamy fairycore needs.

Shop Dzee’s Jewels

So ends our list of gift ideas from the freshest brands on Poptron! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our newest brands on board. No matter what you end up getting or giving (if anything at all), we hope that this is a truly special holiday season for you, one that you’ll always remember. 

Have you encountered any of these brands, or tried their products? What’s your favourite microbrand? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on our social channels for more fun content, tips, and stories on your favourite local brands!

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