Unconventional Toppers And Other Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

When baubles aren’t cool enough.
Unconventional Christmas Tree Decoration ideas for the holiday season.
Unconventional Christmas Tree Decoration ideas for the holiday season.

It’s time to set up the Christmas tree, and we have lots of Christmas tree decoration tips and ideas to share!

Take a sharp left at the aisle of regular shiny bobbles this year and leap headfirst into these novel ideas for Christmas tree decoration time! What’s more: Your guests and kids will love picking their presents off the boughs of your tree, AND you’ll also be showing your love for your favourite local microbrands!

The HB Rumput from Hornbill Time & Wear makes for a great Christmas tree decoration idea, whether creatively rolled up or hung loose!

The Ultimate Unconventional Christmas Tree Decoration: Colourful Socks And Such

We know socks frequently make an appearance in lists for Christmas decoration ideas – and these socks from Hornbill Time & Wear absolutely deserve their top spot! Brought to you in colours evocative of Malaysian heritage and culture, they’re the perfect gift for that quirky friend who likes fun, fantastic socks – plus, they look oh-so-good rolled up, or hung from the boughs of your tree!

This Spotify keychain - Casette from Kulihart makes a great alternative Christmas tree decoration idea!

Another Alternative Christmas Tree Decoration Idea: Custom Spotify Keychains To Bring In The Music

If you’ve got an audiophile for a friend, these custom keychains from Kulihart are the perfect gift! Hang several from the boughs of your tree, and engrave them with Spotify links to your favourite Christmas anthems – or even better, link them to this time-honoured favourite! Click on it – we dare you.

Premium roasted almond nuggets (milk chocolate) from Chocolads

Chocolate Snacks To Snatch Off The Tree? Yes, Please!

If you’ve got kids coming over to your house on Christmas day, these premium roasted almond nuggets from Chocolads will more than make their day! String these golden goodies together with some tinsel and use them to wrap about your tree – then invite your guests to pick them off the tree on Christmas day for some delightful snacking!

Eeva nail and cuticle oil pens

Fruity Nail Care For All

Everybody loves a good nail care day, and even more so when they’re fruity and delicious! EEVA’s assortment of nail and cuticle oil pens span a variety of different scents, which means you and your family can spend all day, every day, pampering your nails! What’s your fruit? We have watermelonberry strawberrymango, and more!

Hold My Earrings, Girlfriend

Hold. My. Earrings. Literally! Everybody loves a pair of fashionable earrings, and especially so when they’re perfectly poised for Christmas! How about these gorgeous Christmas themed plaid earrings from Lathalia Jewellery, or these Kimberly earrings from Klaybynivvy? Don’t forget to throw in a touch of White Christmas luxe with these Mekar pagi earrings from Pici Jewelry!

Scented floral themed candles from AIME BLP Beautecare, which make for amazing Christmas tree base decoration ideas.

Floral Fragrances: A Candle Affair

Everybody loves candles on Christmas trees! And these scented floral themed candles from AIME make the perfect presents and decorations – they don’t even need to be lit to be beautiful! Be sure you place them at the lower, inner boughs of your tree, to avoid them falling over and breaking; anyone who loves nesting and making cosy spaces even cosier will absolutely LOVE diving into the tree and coming up with these for gifts!

What are your favourite unorthodox Christmas tree decorating ideas? Share with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels to see the latest updates and drops!

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