Plant embroidery to add a simple green touch to any kids bedroom design.

The Ultimate Kids Bedroom Design Style Guide From Wall Art To Indoor Plants!

When it comes to putting together the ultimate kids bedroom design for the kid who owns your heart, there ain’t no mountain high enough!

Take a bite out of these fun and engaging tips for helping your kid grow and thrive in their very own space, wall art and indoor plants included! You’ll soon be the maestro of kids bedroom design – and love every moment of it, too!

Add Lots Of Colour And Cushions

Whatever your personal preferences, it pays off to remember that kids often enjoy a pop of colour in their lives and bedrooms, and this means only one thing: Your kid’s bedroom design should incorporate their very favourite colours!

You can do this by incorporating wall art, or in the form of throw pillows and cushions; you can even add colour in the form of useful electronics essentials! Whatever the case, you’ll want to pick your kid’s brain on this – and then surprise them with everything they love for maximum enjoyment, relaxation, and comfort.

Wall Art Is Key To Creativity In Kids Bedroom Design

Blank walls hold a realm of potential, and where a kid’s bedroom design is concerned, they are absolutely the perfect place with which to set up a gallery for wall art! What are your kid’s favourite things, and how can you incorporate them into their bedroom decor and wall art options?

We think there’s a type of art for every kind of hobby – whether it’s lovely soft pinks and florals, superhero movies, or a jaunt in the celestial world! Remember: These are the walls that will foster your child’s creative side, and to show them that it’s important to have fun and to live surrounded by beautiful things!

Moonlight coastal lamp from Lasprecious Design; gently illuminate your child's space with this fun, dreamy lamp!

Jazz Up The Study Spot Or Workspace In Your Kids Bedroom Design

With the modern kid’s bedroom now having to pull double duty as both a resting spot and also as a study area, it’s important that you set aside space for a proper productive workspace. This absolutely means that you should deck up a desk for your mini-me, and fill it to the gills with an array of fun and beautiful stationery so they’ll find study time engaging as opposed to tiresome. Whether you do this by incorporating pretty notebooks or the best pens in the market is up to you; whatever the case, it’ll be a great way to get your little one to learn and to have fun doing it.

Promote Ease And Calm With Indoor Plants

A great way to teach your child responsibility is by providing something that they can nurture (with your help, of course)! If getting your child a pet cat is absolutely out of the question, indoor plants are also a great way to imbue the highly important trait of caring for another living thing. For this, we think cacti and succulents make great companions – the latter moreso than the former, which can cause injury if one’s child is particularly clumsy on foot!

Succulents are also really easy to care for, and require very little attention. They’re also a fun way to green up the space, and green, as we all know, is great for promoting focus and serenity – both wonderful sentiments to encourage in the bedroom. And if your kid has the unfortunate trait of being born with black thumbs? Go for Imsycrafts’ fun little DIY embroidery kits, and bring in the green in a different, yet no less pretty way.

Want more Poptron? Follow along on our adventures as we continue to discover more beautiful things to share with you!

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