Easy vegan recipes that will change your world!

Easy Vegan Recipes That Will Change Your World!

Vegan recipes too easy to say no to.

If you think going vegan means eating only large bowls of salad for every meal, you’ve got the vegan diet utterly wrong. Read on for some easy vegan recipes that will change your world (for the better)!

Although vegans avoid any products related to the animal kingdom, the vegan diet is much more fascinating than the average salad. Plant-based foods have long been a part of the world! Easy vegan recipes are in abundance – you just need a touch of inspiration and high-quality ingredients! Here’s our take on vegan recipes you’ll love, even if you consider yourself an omnivore. Let’s get the creativity crack-a-lackin’!

The Vegan Tea Loaf Of Dreams

If you’re sick to death of regular boring white loaves, it’s time to try something new! Take a chance and try baking a personalised tea loaf with additions from Seven Tea One and Organya’s array of teas! These take about 20 minutes to prep! 40 minutes and a trip to the oven later, you’ll be feeling like the most successful baker from your favourite local bakery. With Seven Tea One and Organya’s immense and wide selection of teas available, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We personally recommend you soak your dried fruit for the loaf in Seven Tea One’s Handcrafted Artisan Mulberry Tea or Organya’s Apple Flower Tea. Do it overnight to impart your fruit with a rich and tantalising taste. If you’re not keen on berries in your loaf, get your aprons on and get ready for the experiment of your life! Try incorporating the other teas available on Poptron into your personal favourite vegan tea loaf and don’t forget to let us know how it goes!

Almond Butter from The Good Fat Company

Essential Among Easy Vegan Recipes: Brownies

Secret brownie recipes are often passed down in the family. But we’ll let you in on ours since you’re part of our Poptron family! Our vegan dream recipe is the best yet! Instead of dairy butter, try incorporating The Good Fat Co’s rich and smooth vegan nut butter! From hazelnut to almond options available among others, your brownie will taste as good as the butter gets (and trust us, they’re ALL good!).

Not forgetting the main star of the dish: fudgy sweet, but not overly sweet, chocolate! When in doubt, opt for Cocova’s vegan-friendly chocolate buttons which melt into a delicious velvety texture that mixes oh-so-good with the nut butter. And if you’re feeling fancy, top off the brownie with some of Cocova’s amazing chocolate covered nuts!

Vegan Soul Food For Virtuous Days

If you’re into oats but can’t seem to get the right ratio of oats and berries and other toppings, you’re in luck! SoFood’s super oat comes with a variety of mixtures; from berries to cocoa, you name it and they’ll have it! 

For healthy vegan snacks that are perfect for when your mouth needs a bite, get yourselves some of Nourish & Nibbs’ light, and yet fulfilling dried fruits! These are snacks that won’t make you feel guilty, and are deliciously beautiful! They’re perfect for sprucing up your Insta-stories and are also great for sharing with friends and family. You can even let your children ‘steal’ some when you’re ‘not’ looking!

What are some go-to vegan recipes that you will never get bored of? Let us know in the comments below!

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