Live The Vegan Life With These Amazing Vegan-Safe Products: All-Natural Soap, Snacks, And More!

Vegan-safe products for your repertoire.
Vegan-safe products to take you through the day, from personal care to food and beyond!
Ultimate vegan snacking made easy.

Happy World Vegan Day! Let’s explore the meaning of veganism, as well as some Vegan-safe products and brands on Poptron! From all-natural soap to the best raw vegan snacks in town, we’ve got you covered!

World Vegan Day is upon us, and there’s no better time to learn what it means to go Vegan! While the whole concept may be daunting for the uninitiated, there’s nothing a little bit of self-education won’t fix. Here are some vegan-safe products and brands that will help you find success if you’re planning to make the switch!

What Does It Mean To Live A Vegan Life?

In a nutshell – pun intended – vegans live their lives without using or consuming products that harm or exploit animals. Therefore, vegan-safe products and foods are those that exclude any and all animal products.

What Is The Difference Between A Vegetarian and A Vegan?

While it is general knowledge that vegetarians avoid meat, there are various choices vegetarians may make when making their dietary choices. Some vegetarians avoid meat for religious reasons, and it is then that the rules are hard and fast; however, others who enjoy vegetarian diets do it for health reasons, and it is then that they can choose to opt in and out of certain ingredients. Pescatarians, for example, cut out all meat but fish and seafood, whilst pesco pollo vegetarians eat fish and chicken, but avoid red meat. For this reason, some vegetarians may also consume dairy products, eggs, and honey.

Vegans avoid all animal products, and therefore adhere to a strict diet comprising only food grown from the lush soil of Mother Earth!

Vegan-Safe Products For Personal Care: Ristic Apothecary

Despite her personal opinions, Nicole Ristic’s homemade and hand cut all natural soaps are absolutely beautiful. Whilst she has been known to call her products rather ugly, we at Poptron think they are absolutely striking, with their grainy visual textures pleasantly recalling the fact that they are lovingly hand crafted and made with only the finest ingredients!

Those adhering, or aspiring to a vegan lifestyle can happily and safely utilise her products; made of an assortment of high-quality ingredients including natural oils like coconut, camellia, olive, castor, apricot, and so on, the bars are then further enhanced with the soothing benefits of essential oils. They’re also highly suitable for sensitive skin, and can even help those with skin conditions like eczema!

Shop Ristic Apothecary.

These mixed fruit nibbs from Nourish & Nibbs are a great vegan-safe product you can turn to when you've got the munchies!
Mix up your day with these mixed fruit nibbs from Nourish & Nibbs!

Vegan-Safe Snacking All Day With Nourish & Nibbs

Chief among the concerns of those seeking a vegan lifestyle: What will I eat? Adelyn of Nourish & Nibbs is here to answer that question! Her repertoire of vegan snacks include high-quality dehydrated fruit nibbs and nuts that are absolutely a pleasure to eat when you’re in need of a sweet treat on-the-go, as well as granola options sweetened with dates and other plant-based goodies.

If that’s not enough to turn you: Nourish & Nibbs’ vegan snacks, such as nuts and granola mixes are also made using a slow preparation method! This essentially means the ingredients are dehydrated at low-temperatures to maintains all their natural raw nutrients, which are all then channeled into nourishing your body! Additionally, all nuts and seeds are also soaked overnight and sprouted, thusly improving digestibility and absorption of nutrients! How’s that for health and deliciousness?

Shop Nourish & Nibbs.

The Hive Restoring Oil Set (Rosehip Oil, Tamanu Oil, Argan Oil) from The Hive Bulk Foods

Zero Waste And Sustainability With The Hive Bulk Foods

With heavy emphasis on a zero-waste life and sustainability for the good of Mother Earth, The Hive Bulk Foods caters to those from numerous different paths in life – among them, those seeking to live the vegan life. Shoppers are welcome to visit their stores with storage containers in-hand, perfect for buying as much or as little product as they need for their lives.

Among their repertoire of dry goods are staples for the vegan store cupboard, from pulses, lentils, and beans to nut butter, grains, seeds, and spices. We’re also absolutely loving the many reusable options they have for household hygiene products and more! And as The Hive would say: Honey, we don’t waste.

Shop The Hive Bulk Foods.

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