Beyond The French Press: Clever Ways You Can Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds vs dead skin cells.
Coffee grounds are meant for more than just the garbage disposal!
Give your coffee grounds a second lease on life!

If you think coffee is only good for drinking, think again! Put down the french press, gather up your used coffee grounds, and come with us on a journey of coffee and its various benefits for your skin!

Did you know that coffee grounds can be re-used on a variety of ways? Not only are they full of antioxidants and other detoxifying benefits, they also smell great! Scrub’s away!

A&A Naturals' exceptional offering is made with Arabica coffee grounds.
A&A Naturals’ exceptional offering is made with Arabica coffee grounds.

On Grounds Of Coffee: A&A Naturals Arabica Coffee Scrub

This gorgeously dark, exfoliating, and hydrating body coffee scrub is the perfect spa-day product for scrubbing away dead skin cells. Its anti-oxidant properties are great for keeping your skin soft and supple, and paired with organic virgin coconut oil, is also highly moisturising!

Sluvi's Lemon Coffee Body Scrub is made from coffee grounds that are rich in antioxidants!
Sluvi’s Lemon Coffee Body Scrub is rich in antioxidants!

Sluvi Lemon Coffee Body Scrub

Paired with the citrus vibrance of lemon, Sluvi’s coffee body scrub is packed with antioxidants, and great for reducing inflammation whilst gently exfoliating the skin! It’s also good if you want to brighten and soften the skin, detox, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Coffee coconut peppermint full body scrub from Organically Moi - The perfect way to scrub yourself down, and emerge smelling fresh as a hot brew after!
Emerge from the shower in a wreathe of refreshing deliciousness with Organically Moi’s Coffee Coconut Peppermint Full Body Scrub!

Organically Moi Coffee Coconut Peppermint Body Scrub

This organic coffee scrub will brighten up your spa nights, as well as your skin with its fantastic french vanilla, coffee, and peppermint fragrance! Enjoy the gentle exfoliation provided by organic cane sugar and ground coffee – the perfect mix for removing cellulite, tightening skin, improving blood circulation, and even your skin tone. The peppermint essential oil also helps to unclog pores and promote good circulation!

When consumed, coffee is said to be good for heart health, with studies upon studies showing that its antioxidant properties are helpful for combating free radicals. In skincare, however, the coffee grounds left over from your french press can help with any number of skin-related issues. Here’s why you should absolutely be using coffee grounds for a scrub!

  • It is rich in antioxidants that can give you supple skin
  • It helps to even your skin tone
  • It is antimicrobial, which means it protects against germs
  • It does not dissolve in water, which means it makes a good scrub
  • It has polyphenols, which protects you against the sun
  • It helps reduce cellulite
  • Its antioxidants help with acne issues

To make a quick homemade coffee scrub of your own, you’ll want to mix together:

  • Some medium fine coffee grounds (we recommend using the remnants of your coffee after a Millilitre Coffee fix!)
  • Some organic brown sugar
  • Some natural carrier oil
  • A drop or two of your favourite essential oil, diluted in the carrier oil
  • Citrus juice or milk if required

Or just try out the great options above! Whatever you opt for, just remember that coffee is fantastic in all aspects of life, and you should hop on the coffee train today!

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