These Two Brands Shine A Light On Endangered Animals – Art Covered Swaddles And Prints Your Kids Will Love!

Endangered animals take centre stage.
Sleepy Beetles and MUOC share their art in functional forms - from babies's swaddles to postcards and art prints alike!
Tapirs are classified as vulnerable or endangered, and many Malaysian artists shed light on this with their artpieces.

In the fight to protect endangered animals, two local brands bring together art and essentials – and how beautiful the results are!

In a way, art in its purest form is frequently derived from the natural world. And why shouldn’t it be? Many beautiful things in our world are born of nature – both flora and fauna alike. Sadly, however, our flora and fauna are seeing a global decline due to various modern ailments – deforestation and global warming among other pressing matters. Taking lead from this thread of thought, these two amazing brands shine a light on the endangered animals that need it the most, and do so with panache and gusto!

Sleepy Beetles' Nature Of Sabah And Numbers 1-10 Flashcards make the perfect learning tools for your baby! The best part about it? They'll be learning about our endangered animals too!
Sleepy Beetles’ Nature Of Sabah And Numbers 1-10 Flashcards make the perfect learning tools for your baby! The best part about it? They’ll be learning about our endangered animals too!

Sleepy Beetles

Founded by full-time homeschooling and homemaker mum of three Phoebe, Sleepy Beetles is THE perfect store from which to find baby and kids’ products. The brand specialises in 100% GOTS organic cotton muslin swaddles, each adorned with Malaysian-inspired art proudly designed in-house. As the person-in-charge of the brand, Phoebe takes charge of every single element of the business – from the conception of products to the packing of orders.

Phoebe’s designs shed much light on animals that are all at once cute and educational for your little one’s enjoyment, entertainment, and learning. From fun little Malaysian picks like Nasi Lemak and Hari Raya Food to designs of a more aquatically-inclined nature, Phoebe’s organic cotton muslin swaddles are all at once fun and comfortable. Popular designs include renditions of Sabah’s flora and fauna in flashcard form, all the more appropriate for your child’s learning pleasure – as well as sharks, rays, whales, and Sabahan wildlife (as well as some endangered animals) that your kids will absolutely adore!

If you’re looking for other toys and fun items for your kids, Sleepy Beetles has more to offer! From original Decor-And-Play Wand and Crown Sets to wooden teethers and plush rattles, each product is safe and made of non-toxic materials – which means your kids can play and you can let them, with zero fears.

Set Of 12 Malaysia Endangered Animal Postcards | Illustration Postcards | Collectibles | Education | Greeting Cards | Souvenir | A6 Size from MUOC - An artistic highlight of endangered animals worth protecting.

MUOC (Malaysian Unity of Cultures)

The Malaysian Unity of Culture (MUOC) is a brand that celebrates our nation’s unique blend of cultures, as well as all the ethnic groups that make up our wonderful country. From art post cards to stickers, MUOC’s pieces echo the vivacious nature of Malaysia’s cultural identity, and showcase an assortment of popular street foods and our diverse range of wildlife.

The brand’s Set of 12 Malaysian Endangered Animals Postcards include a wide assortment of animals at risk. From the Malayan tiger and dusky leaf monkey to the Malayan tapir and rhinoceros hornbill, these postcards evoke a sense of what we could stand to lose, as well highlight what it is we need to protect moving forward. Printed onto yellowish pages evocative of old book pages, these postcards are thusly made so to help us cherish these animals the way we cherish old books.

These cards are the perfect gift for kids, especially if they’re lovers of nature! After all, they are the future – and the first step to safeguarding the future of our world’s flora and fauna lies in education!

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