Imagishary KIDS On Their Amazing Journey Bridging Art and Child Development

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Here’s a fun fact you didn’t know about! It’s a good idea to expose children to the sciences from an early age. Read on to find out more about the relationship between art and child development!

It cannot be denied that science is the backbone of life’s many lessons. However, arts and philosophy are just as important in enhancing child development, and that’s an irrefutable fact! Shafika of imagisharyKIDS shares on the relationship between art and child development, and how the former fuels the latter.

Resident educational supplies maestro Shafika brings imagisharyKIDS products to life with aplomb. Her posters are colour in the monotonous, bland world of education, and it’s just what the teacher ordered!

Shafika started her brand in September 2020, near the end of one of the hardest years in recent history. An art connoisseur, Shafika understood competitive art, which pushed her to find a niche in which to express herself genuinely. Being born into a family of intellects and educators nurtured her soft spot for education. Imagishary KIDS is the culmination of both her loves: Education and Artistry sense, and thus combines the best of both worlds.

When thinking up new designs, Shafika first requires that her posters fulfil the criteria of being excellent teaching tools for children while also incorporating aesthetically pleasing designs. The resultant art prints bridge art and child development, and we’re HERE for it!

Art as a Window to Educational Progress

“Some may say art seems like fun and games as opposed to learning. It is indeed fun and games! But what if we make it a learning process as well?” Shafika’s take on educational art upholds the belief that children can benefit from exploring their artsy and creative sides.

In addition to enhanced life skills, children have also proven to learn faster with art. Putting children in places where they can fully utilise their creative sides can encourage them to produce imagination beyond art, cultivating essential skills integral to their development and elevating the right-sides of their brains!

“Whenever I produce something, I look at it from two points of view; the child who is the priority, and then the parent.” 

As it stands, Imagishary KIDS has produced two designs for learning posters: nature and space. The former is designed to keep children grounded so that they can learn about the world around them. This will further refine their sense of curiosity, encouraging them to learn about ‘out-of-world’ elements beyond the earth’s confinements – thus leading to the latter.

Shafika’s journey to instill a sense of the creative in learning has only just begun, and we’re excited to see more of her contemporary poster designs! 

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