This Skincare Brand In Malaysia Is Making Purposeful Waves!

Skincare with a purpose.
Purpose Skin's range of products do as they say on the label - serve a noble purpose.
Skincare with a Purpose.

We’ve got a crush on Purpose Skin! The founder of this iconic skincare brand in Malaysia shares about their beginnings, products, and missions – and what’s in store for future releases!

Delving into the brilliance of Purpose Skin, one is immediately taken by the effervescent energy and mindset of the team. At the core of things is a team that believes that self-care is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. The act of self-care encompasses numerous aspects of our sense of self, such as mental health, self-image, and confidence. Naturally, the act of self-care lies in habits that affect our lifestyles including nutrition, fitness, R&D, sleep, and personal care. Skincare is merely a piece within the larger component of personal care. And for the founders of this bonafide skincare brand? Malaysia deserves the very best personal care they have to offer!

A Skincare Brand In Malaysia, For Malaysians

Purpose Skin champions being purposeful about skin! The brand aims to do this by optimising products within users’ routines or utilising key ingredients for specific skin concerns. The brand believes that people should integrate tried and tested, well-researched ingredients into everyday skincare routines.

As a skincare brand, Malaysian-founded Purpose Skin takes pride in their accessible pricing and purchasing convenience. The brand also educates the public on skincare science, with aspirations to become the public’s sustainable brand of choice. They’re conscious of their use of sustainable materials, both in packaging and in ingredients that do not harm the earth. Founder of Purpose Skin Karmun shares that she was able to control many factors by creating her own brand. These include the use of ethically-sourced ingredients, the potency of their formulas, and their contributions towards becoming an environmentally-conscious industry name.

Beyond The Buzz

Purpose Skin tells us to be wary of buzzwords like ‘natural’ and ‘chemical-free’ as they aren’t all that accurate sometimes. With no current industry-wide definitions nor certifications that standardise the definition of ‘natural’ and ‘chemical-free’, these words are easy to abuse. As such, any brand can claim their products to be natural without ticking the proper boxes. In addition to that, the words ‘chemical-free’ misdirect people into being fearful of innovation and science. For example: Water is a chemical, and so is Ascorbyl Mthylsilanol Pectinate, which is merely a vitamin C derivative that is naturally sourced from plants such as lemons and oranges.

It’s important to learn about the things that you are putting on your body, especially where skincare is concerned. Purpose Skin shares that the regulatory board has made good progress in ensuring the products in the market are safe – especially since everyone’s skin works differently. Plant-derived formulas are gaining popularity among consumers and brands; a great initiative, as they tend to be procured ethically and are more environmentally friendly in terms of animal welfare. They also comprise fewer products that might irritate and damage our skin.

Purpose Skin's All Day Multitasker Serum is great for Malaysians who spend their hours on the go.
Purpose Skin’s All Day Multitasker Serum is great for Malaysians who spend their hours on the go.

Sustainable Skincare Made For Malaysians

Despite certain difficulties they faced as a start-up skincare brand, Purpose Skin nonetheless took the initiative in going green, opting for sustainable packaging. It tends to be two to five times more expensive, but is a more environmentally conscious alternative. There are many more benefits to supporting Purpose Skin, and they are as follows:

  • Reusable serum glass bottles that replace plastic.
  • Reusable biodegradable honeycomb wrap, which can be used as compost in the garden.
  • Virtual flyers with QR codes in the place of printed brochures and cards.
  • Ethically-sourced plant-derived ingredients.
  • A commitment to finding more ways to make products more affordable.

Beyond that, Purpose Skin’s wealth of products encompass a great wealth of ingredients that show potent results while still being gentle enough to maintain skin health without causing damage. These products are suitable for all skin types, and can even be used by those with sensitive skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and cystic acne. And most importantly: They’re formulated for Malaysians who have long endured the harsh humidity of Southeast Asian weather!

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